A colourful collaboration: IWAS X Sofie Dumont

In partnership with chef Sofie Dumont, we created a collection of upcycled glasses in the primary colours. 100% upcycled, sustainable & colourful. 

Cheers to more colour!

The collection is upcycled and produced in India. The coloured details were applied by hand, and lovingly crafted, ensuring that each glass is totally unique. Pure pleasure over perfection.

A match made in heaven

IWAS and Sofie Dumont found common ground in their shared mission for sustainability and a passion for innovation. Sofie Dumont is an enthusiastic chef who enjoys immersing herself in the latest food trends and experiments extensively with world cuisine. 

Autumn in a cup

Looking for new recipes this season? Browse through Sofie’s signature dishes and get inspired.

Order the limited collection here.