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There is no planet b, so let’s change the world together. With beautiful quality lifestyle products and zero waste. In India and Indonesia IWAS upcycles waste to wants! ‘Upping’ yesterday’s used goods for you to use again tomorrow. And making local people stronger in the process. It is super easy for you to make a difference! Shop smart, feel good.
Our story did not go unnoticed.

All our glasses are upcycled and handmade with love.

Our story did not go unnoticed.


Shop smart, feel good


It’s upcycling

IWAS gives waste a second life. Not by recycling, but by upcycling.
We recreate and design a new purpose for each object, while maintaining
its unique, original material and character.


with love

we show up for
the people

think global,
buy local

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Upcycled glassware

Four upcycled glasses, with one message: equality. The Belgian Cats and IWAS found common ground in their shared core values.

Together, we are taking steps toward an environment of equal opportunity for all.

Belgian Cats X IWAS

Two teams, one message