Kriskookt in IWAS Upcycled glassware!

Maker’s Mark is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon whisky. A bourbon that is very approachable with fine notes of spice and wood. Perfect to enjoy pure or with ice, but also very tasty in cocktails. Mark went with this and created 3 surprising winter cocktails! #Kriskookt Even more fun, the cocktails were made in our upcycled glasses. […]

Upcycling: what’s in a name?

Forget ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Upcycling makes the old new again, from waste to must-haves. By adding value without adding new waste or spilling energy. We recreate and design a new purpose for each object, while maintaining its unique and authentic characteristics.  The only way is UP IWAS searches for beauty […]

Sustainable gift guide

The holidays are approaching. We’re busy buying a brand new outfit, preparing an extensive dinner and on the hunt for gifts. But what if we could make the holidays a bit more sustainable? Discover the answer in our sustainable gift guide below. PILO Foodie or cooking addict? The PILO is an upcycled solution for your […]


Three teams, one message: equality. The Belgian Cats and IWAS found common ground in their shared core values. Together, we’re taking steps towards an environment with equal opportunities for all. Four meaningful illustrations Belgian cartoonist Floor Denil designed four illustrations to spread the equality-message. Think of funny, recognizable situations where the mascottes of the Belgian Cats […]

A colourful collaboration: IWAS X Sofie Dumont

In partnership with chef Sofie Dumont, we created a collection of upcycled glasses in the primary colours. 100% upcycled, sustainable & colourful.  Cheers to more colour! The collection is upcycled and produced in India. The coloured details were applied by hand, and lovingly crafted, ensuring that each glass is totally unique. Pure pleasure over perfection. […]