Lunch Pack “Rice”


Your lunch box gets all the attention, even without anyone knowing what’s inside. Many will be tempted to steal your lunch box. By the way, that is exactly what happened to this former rice bag when it was on a truck. Your lunch bag looks that good.

Reduce the waste and use this reusable lunch bag. This bag is suitable for your daily lunch or picnic and can be closed with a handy velcro closure.

Shopping bag “Coffee”


This shopping bagcrossed the world as a coffee bag full of beans. Now she chooses to carry your everyday things over your shoulder. She has seen the world and now wants to do that with you.

This carrier bag is equipped with 2 sturdy carrying straps and suitable for all your groceries.

Multifunctional pouch


When we asked the rascals who punctured this tire what they would keep in this pouch, they shouted “chocolate”. We would not immediately recommend that to you. Fortunately, we are convinced that you can come up with a hundred and one better ideas of what you can take with you in this handy bag.

Use this multifunctional rubber bag as a toilet bag or make-up bag. Do you have a better idea? Anything goes, you’re in charge!

Laundry bin “Large”


A laundry bag made from plastic refill packs? Absolutely! These refill packs of detergent and fabric softener together form your immaculate linen bag for all your dirty laundry. With this laundry bag your act will be as clean as your clothes.

This large laundry bag has 2 sturdy handles so that you can move it easily.

Pencil case


No more endless and hopeless searching for a ballpoint pen or pencil when someone asks for one. This pencil case conjures up your favorite pen in no time. Even in the most cluttered drawer or handbag.

This square pencil case is upcycled from plastic bags, giving it a unique character. One thing is certain: it is an eye-catcher in every point of view.

Toiletry bag


Arriving at your destination and finding your toiletries all over your suitcase, spilled flasks or bottles … This toiletry bag keeps everything together in one place. Neat and tidy.

This handy toilet bag is made from sturdy upcycled coffee bags. Of course you can also use this multifunctional pouch for other small items. Just think of your smartphone charger, memory cards, …



A wallet that in a previous life thundered over mountainous rally courses as a tire, if that does not convey lasting solidity. Just as it kept the racing car on the road, this wallet now keeps your pennies together, as focused as it was then.

This sturdy wallet offers several compartments for bank cards and notes and has alockable coin compartment with a zipper.

Luggage tags


No more stress about the baggage claim when you wait for your travel bags. These luggage tags proclaim in all languages that these are your bags. Unique and not to be missed. Never again doubt whether you have the right bags.

Set of 4 upcycled luggage tags. Each label is provided with 2 sturdy press stud closures.

Tote bag “Billboard”


From the billboard where every Indonesian teen wanted a selfie, it’s a long way to the statement this tote bag makes when you wear it. Trendy, stylish, but above all emphasizing that the planet concerns you enough to show this tote bag to the world.

The playful shape & sturdy material of this tote bag makes it an all-round bag for daily use.