Toen de tubeless band de markt begon te veroveren, werden veel “klassieke” banden bij het grof vuil gezet. Voor ons hét moment om die verloren binnenbanden op een ecologisch verantwoorde manier een nieuw leven te geven. We upcyclen ze tot stoere producten die hun ruige look en eigenschappen weer konden uitspelen als nooit tevoren.

Pencil case “Tyre”


A case that in a previous life thundered as a tire over mountainous rally tracks, if it does not radiate lasting solidity. Just as it kept the racing car on the road, this pencil case now keeps your writing materials together, as focused as it was then. If that’s not a reason to buy this pencil case …

This pencil case with reinforced corners and handy strap on the zipper will become the eye-catcher on your desk.

Small Wallet


This wallet was once a rock solid, extremely tough tire. Now he acts as an unyielding bodyguard for your coins or gems.

This sturdy wallet has several compartments and a lockable coin compartment with a zipper.

Multifunctional pouch


When we asked the rascals who punctured this tire what they would keep in this pouch, they shouted “chocolate”. We would not immediately recommend that to you. Fortunately, we are convinced that you can come up with a hundred and one better ideas of what you can take with you in this handy bag.

Use this multifunctional rubber bag as a toilet bag or make-up bag. Do you have a better idea? Anything goes, you’re in charge!

Backpack “Army”


This backpack will be your ultimate travel companion on any adventure. Made from materials that had to perform the toughest work, this backpack guarantees you the strength and resilience to take on any trip. There is room for clean clothes and your laptop. This way you will get your journey described while you are experiencing it.

This backpack is made from upcycled rubber tires & army tents. Its 15 liter capacity and a sturdy finish make itsuitable for daily use. Protect your laptop with the built-in laptop compartment. The backpack is also equipped with separate compartmentsthat you can close with a zipper.

The upcycled canvas of the military tents is used as the main material for this backpack. The canvas of the army tent is durable and waterproof. By incorporating rubber into the design of this backpack we add stiffness and strength. The extra hip and chest strap add extra strength.



A wallet that in a previous life thundered over mountainous rally courses as a tire, if that does not convey lasting solidity. Just as it kept the racing car on the road, this wallet now keeps your pennies together, as focused as it was then.

This sturdy wallet offers several compartments for bank cards and notes and has alockable coin compartment with a zipper.