Upcycled Glassware “Sofie Dumont” – Small


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Sofie Dumont is very proud of her “Sofie Dumont for IWAS” collection: “Together with IWAS, I designed a collection of sustainable glasses with colorful accents in primary red, yellow, and blue. 100% upcycled and produced in India, from used beer bottles. For the choice of colors, I was inspired by my childhood. My father was an artist and often used primary shades in his work.”


Cheers to more colour!

“I designed a collection of sustainable glasses for IWAS with colourful details in the primary colours red, yellow and blue. They are 100% upcycled & produced in India and made from reused bottles. The coloured details were applied by hand, and lovingly crafted, ensuring that each glass is totally unique and seamlessly connects to my vision. I do not aim for perfection, but rather pure pleasure.

I was inspired by my childhood when choosing the colours. My father was an artist and often used primary colours in his work. IWAS converts old materials into new colourful objects for day-to-day use. Their social mission is close to my heart. For me, it’s important to assume my social responsibility and to give something back.”

A match made in heaven!

IWAS and Sofie Dumont found common ground in their shared mission for sustainability and a passion for innovation. Sofie Dumont is an enthusiastic chef who enjoys immersing herself in the latest food trends and experiments extensively with world cuisine.

At IWAS, we ‘upcycle’ utensils from yesteryear into new products for the future. We do not have a spare planet, so let’s change the world together, with beautiful, high-quality lifestyle products and a minimum of waste.


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