Partner UP

There is only
one way UP

Let’s join forces to make a difference and move on UP. Today’s consumer is more aware of his shopping decisions than ever before. It’s the most conscious generation in decades. IWAS believes that eco-friendly consumerism isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay. We address the needs of the modern consumer by offering sustainable, upcycled products.

Join the upside

Partnering up with IWAS means you help:

1. Training local, unemployed communities to create our products.
2. Creating economic incentives to ensure sustainability.
3. Breaking the cycle of poverty and trash by building a brighter, greener future.

Eco-friendly is the way UP

Go the extra mile and customize our IWAS products to make them your own. We offer several options for unique, personalised products. And you become an upcycling ambassador!

Attractive packaging

The recyclable packaging tells our upcycling story. We work together with a wide range of retailers to get the right packaging that matches your needs as a reseller.

In-store communication

The in-store merchandising tells our story.

Store locator

As a partner, you get featured on our online store locator. We’re choosing change together.

Public relations

With regular collaborations and an active PR strategy we regularly get featured in lifestyle magazines & newspapers.

Social media

Find us on Facebook & Instagram, where we highlight our story as well as the products you love. Targeted ads help us create brand awareness to help you sell-through.