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Go the extra mile and customize our IWAS products to make them your own. We offer several options for unique, personalised products. And you become an upcycling ambassador!


Welcome to the world of Iwas, where innovation meets hospitality in the most personalized and sustainable way possible.
We are excited to announce our recent collaborations with some of the most distinguished names in the hospitality industry, including the iconic YALO hotel, the sophisticated Rosa hotel and the vibrant Think Pink.


At IWAS, we understand that branding is not just about a logo, it’s about creating a unique and memorable identity. That’s why we offer the opportunity to take personlization to the next level by customizing not only your glassware but also candles and their packaging with your logo.


Transform your dining experience with personalized glassware that reflects the sophistication of your establishment.

Turn each sip into a branded moment, adding a unique touch to the overall ambiance.


Enhance the luxury of your hotel rooms with beautifully personalized glassware.

Elevate the in-room amenities and leave a lasting impression on every guest.


Display glasses with your logo in-store, creating a visually striking and memorable connection with customers.

Offer customers a tangible piece of your brand that extends beyond their immediate purchase.


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